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Viva Mexico (in London)

Yesterday I went out to celebrate the Mexican day of independence. In true Mexican style, I only planned this night out last Friday. I convinced the lord and our German friend to come along. I don’t have any Mexican friend. (actually just recently, I contacted a woman who runs a Mexican social group, but we haven’t yet meet).
We arrived uncharacteristically early, but we failed to get a table. I got a chair.
We ate two tacos each. Cochinita pibil and pastor for me and the lord. It was delicious. I drank countless coronas and one pacifico.
The music was all pervasive Mexican party fare, lots of norteno music, some Molotov, I danced a bit with the lord and a lot on my own.
At 11pm, we all shouted: viva Mexico!
We waited absolutely hours for the mariachi. But it was worth it.
I almost cry when they finished with Mexico Lindo y Querido, si muero lejos de ti…


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