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Ok, so we all agree that it is ok to overhear other people’s conversations.

As I was preparing my tea in the Maths Common room, here at my beloved University, I overheard some of the new postgrads talking…maths, (kindof).

Boy1: -Strange attractors

Boy2: -What’s a strange attractor?


Boy 1: -Hmm, you know, chaos theory. (trying to sound knowledgable).

girl: -It;s the butterfly effect!


I almost felt like interrumpting. No. It’s not the butterfly effect. No, it’s not chaos theory. No, it’s not ok to only drop a few buzzwords that they have absorbed from here and there…and try to sound intelligent.

But although we all decided that I am entitled to eavesdrop, I think it’s not on to interrumpt and correct, or try to sound smart and give them a mini-lecture on dynamical systems.

You see, dear readers, the subject they were discussing (or rather, not discussing) it’s close to my heart.

But I had to take a big tea sip and start ranting here instead.


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No place for me

It is outrageous! A bloke just arrived in the office and right under my nose said: -“Sorry, I just need to put this sign here…so everyone knows”.

I was wondering what he was on about…turns out he is a new post-doc here…and decided he wants the very desk in which I am sitting at the moment. So he put a sign (piece of paper, really) with his name on it. And fixed it to my (up-to-now) desk.

I only bloody arrived to this desk two weeks ago, after being evicted from my former desk…and that was after being robbed of two others!

I cannot even complain…I should not be in this office, but rather next door…It is substantially less nice there though. At least in terms of furniture and the view of the city…I hope I should have less annoying office-mates. Here there are the ones that speak alone (“Aha, that is weird”), the ones that eat loudly (chump, chump, slurp slurp), the ones that speak in random languages over the phone or the skype at pretty much any time (“Oi tudo bem!”, “Pronto”, “Al salaam a’alaykum”), and there is the blue bucket of course…which collects the water that drips from the ceiling (and therefore wastes an otherwise perfectly fine desk!) and makes a nice regular drumming noise…just what you need when you want to concentrate.

I miss my old office! There was space for me…and my officemates where soooooo nice!

A saudade e o pior castigo, e pior que o olvido!

What I cannot quite understand is why, given that there is still some empty desks in this office, the new-comer seems to systematically want the very desk I have happened to choose for myself.

But enough is enough! I rather move to the office next door once and for all…before waiting for the next newcomer to decide they want to bond with the rest, join in the trend, and take MY desk!

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