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Last Friday, I came back home with a huge shopping bag containing a few pairs of shoes…(I think I may be addicted to shoes)…It wasn’t planned…I had gone into Central London to get some computer software I need (I didn’t get it cause it was too expensive, yet I spend quite a bit on the shoes, but hey, one cannot get pirated shoes!).

I showed my new acquisitions to the Lord, and all proud of my bargain-hunting sense I announced: The original price was so-and-so, but I only paid 50 pounds for them (strictly speaking, I paid 55).

He opened his eyes wide, I thought he was extremely impressed with my new pair of high-heels. His mouth opened:

-You paid FIFTY pounds for a pair of shoes!!!!

-Hey, your shoes costed 90 pounds.

-Yes, but they are my only bloody pair!

It was all said for comedy effect, I am sure. He wouldn’t like if I only had one pair of shoes…of that i am sure.

Plus, he was grossly exaggerating, he has at least 6 pairs of shoes, though he does regularly only uses the one.

Anyway, I still think they were a good price! And I really love them.

On Sunday, I met up with my friend (to whom we may from now on refer as Classy). We decided to meet up in a trendy street, where on a Sunday there is a flower market…except that it started to rain quite heavily. I didn’t buy any flowers…Nonetheless I learnt that my irritation when I hear my (ex)officemate chewing his food may have a name. It seems it is a proper condition, cause my hypersensibility to the frequencies that eating a banana produces. She claims to suffer from it so badly that she has to leave the room, train-carriage, or wherever she happens to be if someone else starts to eat a banana.

In other matters…when is it appropriate to initiate a conversation with a stranger? That same day, after a rather frustrating visit to the market, while I was waiting for the bus back home (and sheltering from the rain) I said to myself (although out loud):- Such a lovely day!

The young man nect to me, thought (justifiable) that I was talking to him…and started to chat to me…He was eating a cup-cake, which look rather good, so I asked him where had he bought it…he asked me were I was from, whereabouts I lived, etc…

The bus came…we parted ways.

When I arrived home the sun came out! Argh!

The Lord decided to go for a walk that would end up in the University library. I didn’t fancy going along…he rang me ten minutes later to let me know the cutest of cootlings where swimming in the canal nearby. I went out to see them. Then I went to the shop down the road. I overheard this most familiar accent: a carioca. I wanted to speak to them, I don’t know, perhaps say I was a fellow “Carioca-pretender”…make friends? Sei-la. But I didn’t speak…I couldn’t justify starting a conversation with a line as bad as: Voces sao brasileiros, ne?

So, I missed my opportunity of meeting my local carioca community.  Can anyone suggest better “chat-up” lines?


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Desperte tarde. No tuve tiempo ni de tomar el desayuno…sali corriendo hacia la parada de autobus…No llegaba…No me daba de tiempo de ir andando tampoco. Decidi esperar.

Despues de algunos largos y agonizantes minutos, vi al autobus arproximandose…

Una chica comenzo a correr hacia la parada…se detuvo a medio camino, titubeo…corrio en sentido contrario, volvio a dudar…corrio de nuevo, se detuvo: -Damn! Corrio hacia la parada…el autobus ya habia llegado, yo estaba subiendome.

-Please, my house is just there, but I forgot my (busv) pass, could I possibly go and get it and you wait for me here, cause I must be …

La chica era joven y simpatica…y sus plegarias surtieron efecto en el conductor, quien accedio a esperarla.

Yo pense para mis adentros: -que que? Ya voy tarde y a esta se le ocurre detener el autobus…habrase visto!

Todos los presentes, sin embargo actuamos muy comprensivos, hoy por ti manana por mi…Despues de algunos minutos, que me parecieron mas eternos aun, la chica volvio, jadeante y sudorosa, pero blandiendo el pase de autobus cual trofeo.

Llegue 5 minutos tarde a la clase…pero aprendi que aun existe gente paciente y generosa en esta ciudad de locos. Y por supuesto, que no hay que subestimar la importancia de ser joven, bonita y simpatica…(algunas veces basta con ser mujer!)

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