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Last Friday, I came back home with a huge shopping bag containing a few pairs of shoes…(I think I may be addicted to shoes)…It wasn’t planned…I had gone into Central London to get some computer software I need (I didn’t get it cause it was too expensive, yet I spend quite a bit on the shoes, but hey, one cannot get pirated shoes!).

I showed my new acquisitions to the Lord, and all proud of my bargain-hunting sense I announced: The original price was so-and-so, but I only paid 50 pounds for them (strictly speaking, I paid 55).

He opened his eyes wide, I thought he was extremely impressed with my new pair of high-heels. His mouth opened:

-You paid FIFTY pounds for a pair of shoes!!!!

-Hey, your shoes costed 90 pounds.

-Yes, but they are my only bloody pair!

It was all said for comedy effect, I am sure. He wouldn’t like if I only had one pair of shoes…of that i am sure.

Plus, he was grossly exaggerating, he has at least 6 pairs of shoes, though he does regularly only uses the one.

Anyway, I still think they were a good price! And I really love them.

On Sunday, I met up with my friend (to whom we may from now on refer as Classy). We decided to meet up in a trendy street, where on a Sunday there is a flower market…except that it started to rain quite heavily. I didn’t buy any flowers…Nonetheless I learnt that my irritation when I hear my (ex)officemate chewing his food may have a name. It seems it is a proper condition, cause my hypersensibility to the frequencies that eating a banana produces. She claims to suffer from it so badly that she has to leave the room, train-carriage, or wherever she happens to be if someone else starts to eat a banana.

In other matters…when is it appropriate to initiate a conversation with a stranger? That same day, after a rather frustrating visit to the market, while I was waiting for the bus back home (and sheltering from the rain) I said to myself (although out loud):- Such a lovely day!

The young man nect to me, thought (justifiable) that I was talking to him…and started to chat to me…He was eating a cup-cake, which look rather good, so I asked him where had he bought it…he asked me were I was from, whereabouts I lived, etc…

The bus came…we parted ways.

When I arrived home the sun came out! Argh!

The Lord decided to go for a walk that would end up in the University library. I didn’t fancy going along…he rang me ten minutes later to let me know the cutest of cootlings where swimming in the canal nearby. I went out to see them. Then I went to the shop down the road. I overheard this most familiar accent: a carioca. I wanted to speak to them, I don’t know, perhaps say I was a fellow “Carioca-pretender”…make friends? Sei-la. But I didn’t speak…I couldn’t justify starting a conversation with a line as bad as: Voces sao brasileiros, ne?

So, I missed my opportunity of meeting my local carioca community.  Can anyone suggest better “chat-up” lines?


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