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As the summer is to arrive soon, I stated to imagine myself. The summer version of myself. My Brazilian self. The shorter Flimsier dresses, the tanned skinned, the lighter hair…

I shall start preparing, all that cold winter didn’t do much for my body. Scrub, exfoliate, moisturise, pedicures before I get into sandals… perhaps dieting for the bikini? Self-tanning? (so far I’ve never done it).

In the deepest of the winter, I am in my Parisian version…the classic clothes I bought for my first European winter are still going strong, so I found myself in tweeds and woolly skirts, leather gloves and cute hats.

Somewhere between these two, appears the Mexican version of me. She who dresses in jeans and polo shirts, the springtime in London seems amenable to this. It used to be my trade-mark.

The autumn is the best and most forgiving season. The days are still long enough, but the sunlight is quite horizontal and has that golden tinge that my facial features so much love. Autumn in Europe is such a magical scene, those golden leaves covering the ground, those longer tailor dresses covering a multitude of sins. The autumn is the season for the London version of me.


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